Squirrel Hitches Ride with Rock Star

The album Traveling by guitarist Steve Poltz has received tons of critical praise, such as the following from the Houston Press: “a super-smart power-pop gem, an album that should endear itself to all kinds of personalities, sane or insane.”

But the point I found most interesting from this wrap-up of Poltz’s life is his newest traveling companion:

“Steve, the band and the tour manager, however, are not alone in the (tour) van. There’s also a squirrel who hitched a ride a month ago in Eugene, Oregon, and refuses to leave. “There’s plenty for him to live on — rotten burritos, discarded French fries, almonds . . .,” Steve says. “But now we’re trying to find him a female squirrel to keep him company.” “

Rice the Traveling Squirrel Visits all 50 States

(Rice at Mount Rushmore, originally uploaded by Hometown Invasion Tour.)

This little guy really gets around. Rice, a traveling squirrel, has now made it to all 50 states, and you can see his full adventures on Flickr. He’s part of one young man’s vision to complete  the Hometown Invasion Tour, where he travels across the country.

I have to admit: I find this sort of random squirrel traveling pretty awesome, even if Rice isn’t a real live squirrel, and I especially like how Rice’s owner has posed Rice in ways that look very squirrel authentic, like this one.

Rice is not the only traveling squirrel friend to be found on Flickr, there’s also this guy who takes his no-name raggedy stuffed squirrel on some of his adventures. And there’s this couple, who seem to like to take a tiny wooden squirrel on travel adventures, too.

More Rice:

rice eats a golf ball, originally uploaded by Hometown Invasion Tour.