Suicidal Squirrel Cartoons Upset Romanians

This is a bizarre news story, indeed. Cartoons have apparently been running on TV in certain Eastern European countries that feature squirrels killing themselves in various oddball ways, a la Itchy and Scratchy. The one above features two of these rather disgusting cartoons, first a squirrel jumps in an egg holder, and is decapitated by a hungry human. In the second one, a Mexican squirrel (it’s oh-so-stereotypical, folks) jumps onto a cactus, and meets a bloody end.  Not surprisingly, some people aren’t pleased about them.

Full story with another cartoon clip here.

Crazy California Squirrels Aim to Smell Like Snakes

In the world of medical history, “snake oil” is a worthless alm schlepped by traveling salesman trying to make a quick buck.

In the squirrel world, though, snake oil is far more precious. Some very crafty California ground squirrels (who live all over the West) have been discovered chewing on the molted skin of rattlesnakes, then smearing the essence on their fur. Voila! Presto! They now smell like intimidating snakes! That’s one smart way to stay out of a snake’s belly!

See the surprisingly cute photos here.

Video: Squirrel Sneaking thru Doggy Door

For a few weeks now, a Denver TV meteorologist would come home to find that something was invading her house, and eating her tortilla chips.

“A few times, my husband and I came home from vacation and found some small things out of place — scraps of food on the kitchen counter, a broken wine glass on the ground, a ripped tortilla bag on the floor.”

Then on Tuesday, I was sitting with my dogs on the sofa, watching TV when I saw the squirrel sneak in through the doggy door and snipe some food….On Thursday morning we set up a squirrel sting and caught the little guy on camera. He’s smart and pokes his head in and out of the door a few times to make sure the coast is clear.”

You can see the amusing video of the sneaky squirrel heading through the doggy door here.