On Squirrel Appreciation Day: Honoring America’s Kaibab Squirrel

The kaibab squirrel is a white-tailed squirrel found only in the Grand Canyon region of Arizona.

Today, on Squirrel Appreciation Day, the workers of the Kaibab National Forest designated more than 200,000 acres of the parks to the kaibab squirrel. In response, Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels hereby bequeaths a giant acorn to the KNF!

From the Prescott Daily Courier:

“Dr. Joseph D. Hall, who conducted [an] evaluation on the squirrel and its habitat, stated that the Kaibab squirrel is, in a local way, as significant a species as the finches Charles Darwin studied on the Galapagos Islands.

Like the finches of the Galapagos, natural geographic boundaries including the Grand Canyon have restricted the Kaibab squirrel’s movement and allowed it to evolve into the species seen today.”

Forget Tuesday, Wednesday is Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!

Sorry to all my loyal readers for my long absence, I’ve been befallen by both bronchitis and a case of the lazies.

Thankfully, I didn’t miss the most important day of year: Squirrel Appreciation Day, this Wednesday.

Not sure how to celebrate? Here’s some tips from wildlife rehabilatator Christy Hargrove, who is credited with founding this special day.

According to this press release, “Hargrove suggests leaving an extra treat out in your backyard, such as seeds, nuts or suet. Or she recommends simply learning something new about the furry species. For example, do you know what baby squirrels are called?”

(Answer: pups.)

Guess What Today IS!?!?! Squirrel Appreciation Day!

(cold squirrel on our roof!, originally uploaded by Kien Tran.)

According to the web site Holiday Insights, Squirrel Appreciation Day was started by Christy Hargrove from Asheville, North Carolina. She “started Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21, 2001. Christy is a wildlife rehabilitator in North Carolina, and is is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Nature Center.”

So get out there and appreciate your favorite squirrel.