Best Friends: U.K. Park Ranger and Baby Squirrel

A baby squirrel at a park in Great Britain has taken quite a liking to park ranger Mark Swift.

“When I first spotted him, he was in the middle of the park just standing there. I went over to see if he was alright, thinking that he would run away but he just stood there, and when I started walking away, he followed me. I picked him up and then we were inseparable, it was so surreal.”

Cute pictures, full story, here: A squirrel’s gone nuts over ranger Mark.

Confessions of a Squirrel Lover

The Washington Post has a cute column this week from a squirrel rehabber.

“The first squirrel showed up at my window one May day 20 years ago, clutching a crust of bread. A few days later, he brought a bagel and some friends. Then I began feeding them, and countless squirrels since. Some had names, some didn’t. Some had broken paws, torn ears, stubby tails. A lot had babies. I’ve cried over the squirrels that foolishly crossed the street in front of heedless drivers. I buried a few.”

Click to read the full article: Scampering Away With My Heart

‘I Was the Squirrelman’s Neighbor’

Yesterday I brought you the interesting tale of Dave “Squirrelman” Csaky, who until recently, lived in a treehouse. He trains squirrels and lives like a squirrel, hence why I wrote about him.

Csaky got kicked out his treehouse, and is now living in a donated old RV. It’s easy to sympathize with Csaky’s in-the-branches lifestyle — how cool that someone bucks societal normals and lives up in a tree. Now Seattle Post-Intelligencer photographer Josh Trujillo brings you the other side of the story, and some great photos to boot.

“His life was not something one would be envious of. Living in the tree was tough. It swayed during windstorms, leaked when it rained, was cold, loud and maybe a bit scary. He was proud of his construction – even though he claimed he had no idea what he was doing – and often would jump up and down on the plywood laid over 2x4s – 40 feet up.”

Living in a Treehouse Photo Gallery
(#15 shows him caring for his pet squirrel, Tilt. And #19, his pet rat.)

Seattle Squirrel Tamer and Treehouse Resident Finds New Home

This dude sounds like he might have been a squirrel in a former life.

For the past few years, David “Squirrelman” Csaky has been living in a 300-foot treehouse near Seattle. Threatened with eviction, his neighbors found him an old RV to occupy.

He’s a carpenter, but he sounds more like a squirrel: Not only does he live in a treehouse, and owns a pet squirrel named Tilt, but also, according to this AP story he “got his nickname for his ability to tame squirrels.”

“This is the beginning of a new life,” he said about the new RV.

Squirrel Hitches Ride with Rock Star

The album Traveling by guitarist Steve Poltz has received tons of critical praise, such as the following from the Houston Press: “a super-smart power-pop gem, an album that should endear itself to all kinds of personalities, sane or insane.”

But the point I found most interesting from this wrap-up of Poltz’s life is his newest traveling companion:

“Steve, the band and the tour manager, however, are not alone in the (tour) van. There’s also a squirrel who hitched a ride a month ago in Eugene, Oregon, and refuses to leave. “There’s plenty for him to live on — rotten burritos, discarded French fries, almonds . . .,” Steve says. “But now we’re trying to find him a female squirrel to keep him company.” “