Build a Squirrel Cage & Help Save Baby Squirrels!

I know it’s been centuries in squirrel-years since I last posted, but this one landed in my lap, and it’s for a great cause:

Empty Cages Collective, an Alliance Participating Organization, was inundated with orphaned baby gray squirrels this fall.  These babies were orphaned when their nest trees were cut down, their mother were hit by cars or indiscriminately poisoned with poison intended for rats. Most of these babies were “pulled” from Animal Care & Control where they were at risk of being unnecessarily killed.  Others were rescued by the general public. Through timeless dedication, most of the babies survived and thrived and it is now overdue to prepare for their eventual fall (and for the younger ones, spring) release.

When rehabilitated grey squirrels are released back into the wild, a nest box needs to be placed in the area (per squirrel) where the release is happening so as to help them adjust to living the wild life.  This is especially important with autumn babies who will not have the whole summer to find food in warmer weather.  We really need to get some squirrel nest boxes made as buying them (about $60-75 a pop plus shipping) is completely unfeasible for ECC’s modest budget.

Empty Cages Collective is in desperate need for people with carpentry skills (or friends with carpentry skills) to step forward to help us build squirrel nest boxes.  We are also in need of donated wood – as we would prefer to use recycled wood fiber left over from other projects instead of buying new as some of the squirrels we have were orphaned when their nest trees were cut down.

I am including a few plans on tree squirrel nest boxes for all of your perusal:!userfiles/pdfs/free/squirrel_boxes.pdf <

Please contact me if you think you can help!


The Empty Cages Collective

ph 800-880-2684

Nurses Plan Counter-Attack Against British Squirrels

According to the Telegraph, nurses who work in rural areas in the U.K. are under assault by squirrels, and are now being instructed to “walk in pairs” to avoid violent confrontations and to “make loud noises” to scare them off. (When has that ever worked?)

“One district nurse was left with “reddening of the scalp” after being attacked.

In her “squirrel attack report” she wrote: “On walking up farm access I was jumped upon by a squirrel. Then another landed on my head.” She rated the “severity of incident” as “insignificant to catastrophic”.

That’s quite a big range, no? Insignificant to catastrophic?

The article ends with an equally puzzling sentence:

“Last year, inventor Mike Madden suffered whiplash after a squirrel leapt on him as he tested a head-mounted bird feeding try in Huddersfield.”

(He put a bird feeder on his head? This is like holding out a bloody steak in your hand and then blaming a dog for biting you.)

Endangered U.K. Red Squirrels Developing Immunity to Virus?

Finally, a bit of good news for the dwindling red squirrel population in the United Kingdom: They may be making a comeback, thanks to increasing immunity against a deadly squirrel pox virus.

We’ve been covering the red squirrel dilemma for a long time (which has involved slaughtering and eating grey squirrels so as to reduce their invasive population — they are immune to the virus) so any good news is a sight for sore squirrel bloggers’ eyes.

Best Friends: U.K. Park Ranger and Baby Squirrel

A baby squirrel at a park in Great Britain has taken quite a liking to park ranger Mark Swift.

“When I first spotted him, he was in the middle of the park just standing there. I went over to see if he was alright, thinking that he would run away but he just stood there, and when I started walking away, he followed me. I picked him up and then we were inseparable, it was so surreal.”

Cute pictures, full story, here: A squirrel’s gone nuts over ranger Mark.

Photos – Squirrels of All Colors – Black, Red and White Squirrels

When I first moved to New York from Texas, I was shocked to learn that squirrels aren’t just grey!

There’s white squirrels:

(White squirrel, originally uploaded by shuttermo.)

 And black squirrels…

(BLACK SQUIRREL!, originally uploaded by Hannah Bae.)

And, red squirrels!

(Red Squirrel, originally uploaded by Bob Marshall 1.)