It’s a thing: Squirrels building nests in people’s cars during winter

Yuck! The poor people of Winnipeg, Canada, have a growing grody problem on their hand: mice and squirrels infesting cars and trucks during the winter, according to the Brandon Sun newspaper.

The reason? They’re dry, safe and full of human food.

“It’s food, inside on the carpets, inside the baby car seats. That’s what attracting mice,” Entomologist Taz Stuart told the paper.

(This immediately reminded us that our toddler’s car seat is currently festooned with many, many stale Goldfish crackers…and the last thing we want to deal with is a mouse infestation in our car.)

For squirrels, the nest buildingĀ seems more likely to occur under the hood, hidden away:

RSVP, and bring your own twigs

Speak, rodent:

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