A Stellar Smiling Squirrel Snapshot

Crazy Squirrel

Originally uploaded by Lance and Erin

Lance, a coworker of mine who travels the country in an RV with his wife (and works online from the RV), snapped this great photo of a squirrel in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I’ve been woefully lazy about updating this blog (I now work for WordPress and so I’m basically blogging all day, and this one got shelved in place of those that they pay me to update), but I couldn’t pass this gem up. I may even have to make this guy my new custom header.

One thought on “A Stellar Smiling Squirrel Snapshot

  1. Honestly, now. Isn’t he just a bit scary-looking? Haha.

    I give Erin all the credit for this one (she takes 99% of the photos we post to Flickr). 🙂

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