So Sorry!

One day, I’ll get better about keeping up with squirrel news. I’m swamped — in a good way — these days, and so my poor squirrels get put on the backburner (where, as we know, they’d be eaten, if I lived in the U.k.) When things calm down, I hope to revive the squirrels.

5 thoughts on “So Sorry!

  1. Found another gem for ya…. A squirrel actually wearing squirrel underpants.

    God bless America.

  2. I love your blog…woohooo…another squirrel lover. Check my squirrel blog out sometime. It’s at

    Peace and squirrel love,

    p.s. I stole one of your pictures but posted a link to your blog on mine.

  3. In the meantime, you may check this daily squirrel blog:

  4. After retiring from teaching, I opened a B&B two years ago and call it the Squirrel’s Nest. We had a nest of squirrel’s in our attic prior to our penthouse suite addition. It is a rainy day today and I was internet surfing and came across your website and found it delightful.

  5. Kieran Sanderson, UK

    Hey hey hey…

    When we put squirrels on the back burner, we do not eat them!
    We recycle them!

    Eating them is unhygienic.

    Nah, just wanted to say, found your page through a topical squirrely site and ended up here =]

    Your websites lovely! Keep up the good work captain!

    From all of us in Britain

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