Forget Tuesday, Wednesday is Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!

Sorry to all my loyal readers for my long absence, I’ve been befallen by both bronchitis and a case of the lazies.

Thankfully, I didn’t miss the most important day of year: Squirrel Appreciation Day, this Wednesday.

Not sure how to celebrate? Here’s some tips from wildlife rehabilatator Christy Hargrove, who is credited with founding this special day.

According to this press release, “Hargrove suggests leaving an extra treat out in your backyard, such as seeds, nuts or suet. Or she recommends simply learning something new about the furry species. For example, do you know what baby squirrels are called?”

(Answer: pups.)

One thought on “Forget Tuesday, Wednesday is Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!

  1. On less controversial news: Thanks for bringing to my attention that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! This is twice as important for me, because the pet name my wife has is precisely that: Squirrel 🙂

    She is an avid fan of your blog. And needless to say we were amazed to find you actually live in Mexico City (!!) And very close to us to top it off (Eje 7 and Coyoacan).

    So congratulations on one of our favorite blogs!! Keep writing!

    PS: as a sidenote, a small post I wrote on my spanish blog regarding this 😉

    Please don’t stop writing for so long!

    Grace and Angel
    Mexico City

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