Finally: My Own Squirrel Photo!!!

I love squirrels but I don’t live near any, meaning I don’t get to enjoy them on a daily basis.

But this week we’re house-sitting in Coyoacan, a neighborhood in southern Mexico City. And there’s several fantastic, noisy, social squirrels roaming about the property, enjoying the lush gardens. One of them (below) looks like a typical squirrel, the other one is dark brown and has a very thin tail – not sure what species he/she is. They are having a fun time barking at my dog, who, in turn, is barking back.

They’re also falling prey to my lens!


3 thoughts on “Finally: My Own Squirrel Photo!!!

  1. awesome shot! our squirrels never looked so good!

  2. Great photo! I think I’ve only had luck catching them mid-air with my camera once..very difficult. I love your blog and that you are a fellow squirrel admirer!

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