True Story: Squirrel Stalks Man in Forest

A column in the Canton, Illinois Daily Ledger illustrates how smart squirrels are. My guess is the writer encountered a red squirrel, a species that is notoriously entertaining AND territorial, aggressive and noisy. Not to mention totally cute.

“I came upon this squirrel sitting low in a tree branch…. I guess he was too busy eating at the time. Needless to say, I scared the squirrel to death. It went higher in the tree and then proceeded to “scold” me….Well, I tired of its game and moved on. The squirrel, however, had other plans and decided to follow me, barking the whole time. … I then stood and looked at the forest around me. It was about that time that a walnut, still in its casing, crashed to the ground right beside me. The collision with the earth felt as though a small tremor had just moved through. Just another foot and this thing might have knocked me cold.”

2 thoughts on “True Story: Squirrel Stalks Man in Forest

  1. Having spent plenty of time in the woods, it is not uncommon to be scolded by angry squirrels. Especially if you spook them but don’t appear to be a threat. Not to mention even squirrels that aren’t vocally scolding you dropping stuff on you whether its whole nuts or deciding to park themselves directly above you when the start eating.

  2. What about just being stalked by squirrels? In a nonviolent way? They seem very intrigued by me and follow me around where-ever I go. It’s very odd.

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