What Do You Feed Your Squirrels?

Sadly, there are no squirrels in my neighborhood to feed, but my parents put out corn for their South Texas squirrels.

In a recent survey, the National Bird-Feeding Society asked what people feed squirrels, and why. I could only find this information from an outdoors column in the Rhinelander Wisconsin Daily News, otherwise I would publish more details. According to the Daily News, respondents said:

For, why they fed squirrels:

Fun to watch: 38 percent

Love: 23 percent

Need: 20 percent (??? have no idea what this means — any guesses?)

What did they feed them?

Corn: 41 percent

Seed: 27 percent

Nuts: 25 percent”

What do you feed your squirrels?

(The column also noted they seek out natural sources of salt, which is why they sometimes go to salted roads in the winter.)

4 thoughts on “What Do You Feed Your Squirrels?

  1. Although there are many fir and spruce trees in my yard, the black oil sunflower seeds I put out for the birds have always attracted the Red Squirrels.

    Last week I read about a man who spent $150/week feeding squirrels because his mother had survived by eating them during the invasion of the Ukraine. I don’t know if he was thankful or fattening them up for fear of an invasion in his neck of the woods! My reason for feeding them is simply that they’re cute to watch.

  2. We feed ’em corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

  3. Flan — that’s really interesting about the man…do you have the link to that story?

  4. Joy, I wasn’t able to find the article I had read earlier, but I did find this one that covers the same topic in even more detail. It also answers my question as to why he was feeding the squirrels.

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