RIP, Gregg Basset, Ultimate Squirrel Lover

Gregg Basset, President of the Squirrel Lovers Club, passed away on October 6th, 2008. I got word that the club is now being discontinued, but his wife, Kathy Basset has left us with her number for anyone who wishes to pick the club up. Leave a comment if you’re interested.

More on Gregg, from his bio page:

“I’ve been an animal lover all of my life….However, there was one kind of animal I always thought was cute and very interesting, squirrels! All my life, I’d been exposed to brown fox squirrels and gray squirrels (as I’ve always lived in the Chicago area), but I did not know much about them….Then came Baldy. His story is told under Meet Baldy . For a few days it was just Baldy. Then came Frisky, Slitty, Figit, and so on. Pretty soon we switched from walnuts to peanuts because it was getting too expensive to keep feeding this growing number of squirrels walnuts. That was over six years ago. Since then, we have befriended around six dozen squirrels; some of them brown fox squirrels and some of them gray squirrels. From time to time, we lose some which are replaced by new ones that come on board. We usually have anywhere from six to fourteen around at any given time. Also, as time has gone on, both the squirrels and I have gotten braver in our relationship to where some of them chase after me, grab a hold of me, jump on me, climb on me and even take peanuts out of my mouth…”

2 thoughts on “RIP, Gregg Basset, Ultimate Squirrel Lover

  1. Thanks for posting this RIP Joy. Despite surfing for squirrel information on the web for years, I had never before heard of Gregg Basset or the Squirrel Lovers’ Club. It would be a shame to lose all the info that is on the Squirrel Lovers’ Club site. I just had a quick glance and there is much I’d like to go back and read.

    I too have a special love for squirrels. They are rascally darlings. I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts.

  2. It is now Dec 2015 and I am just hearing about Greg’s passing. I’m so sorry to hear this. I was watching a squirrel vid on fb that my friend posted and I thought about Greg. We met Greg through the Purdue program when he was attending the Chicago chapter, He was so full of great info and stories! I still tell people about how his indoor squirrel would hide things under the sleeping cat. Greg’s legacy lives on 🙂

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