Outwitted by a Pecan-Sized, 6-Gram Brain

The Austin-American Statesman ran an excellent gardening article this weekend on the battle between the city gardener and the city squirrel.

“John Dromgoole, owner of the Natural Gardener, agrees that squirrels are a difficult problem for Austin gardeners. He suggests that our regional droughts are a factor, but he also believes that the most likely reason for squirrels’ recent impact on local yards is the rapid loss of their natural habitat, including fewer rodent-controlling predators.

This is especially true for wilderness-preferring fox squirrels, the predominant squirrel species in Central Texas. Having adapted to urban conditions, they are now major players in our lives.

When it comes to protecting plants from squirrels, so much has been tried, so little has worked. It’s humiliating that this rodent’s pecan-sized, 6-gram brain is so hard for us to outwit.”

One thought on “Outwitted by a Pecan-Sized, 6-Gram Brain

  1. Hi Joy,

    I was curious to know if anyone out there loves the furry “faux-pets” as much as I do. I’ve started the Squirrel Series. The latest is called, An Officer and a GentleSquirrel.

    Here is a sample of a few of my paintings:

    You can also get to my blog from my website:

    I’d like to post some items from your blog and link. Glad to find your site.

    Carollyne Yardley
    Victoria, BC Canada

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