Celebrated British Chef Gamely Prepares Squirrel With Walnuts

As the U.K. continues to grapple with an overpopulation of non-native grey squirrels in the U.K., one celebrity chef has an idea: treat them like game, and throw ’em in the stew pot.

Marco Pierre White, host of the new program Marco’s Great British Feast, traveled to the posh Somerleyton Estate in England to feature “local produce” and game on his show. While grey squirrels are technically not local (being from the U.S. and all) they are quite convenient. So, it’s not surprise they ended up in some of his recipes. From the article Squirrel on the menu:

“The meal – squirrel with walnuts – was cooked in the kitchens at the estate’s award-winning Fritton House hotel where the fruit of the day’s shoot was also made into a squirrel and mushroom pie.”

Says White:

“I was surprised to discover that squirrel is considered a delicacy in certain parts of the UK and quite widely eaten. Having tried it I can see why.

“We tend to be squeamish about eating this small mammal but, when you think about it, it’s no different to eating rabbit.”

One thought on “Celebrated British Chef Gamely Prepares Squirrel With Walnuts

  1. Maybe we can work out a deal. You send back all of our gray squirrels that you catch, and we can send you all of our starlings that have been pushing out our domestic species since they were released after a showing of Midsummer’s Night Dream back in the 1930s. Actually the wild life we need to get rid of over here are the Canadian geese. They’ve become year round residents and really make a mess everywhere they go. They also show no fear of cars and just walk out in streets blocking traffic as their flocks cross from one lawn to another in industrial parks.

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