3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m an Adorable Squirrel, So Let Me In

  1. That face is right out of a Disney animated flick. Completely adorable. I’d let him in!

    Perhaps he would like to vote for one of his squirrel comrades?
    Please vote for the Squirrel card in the Hallmark “Your Funny*ness” card contest. Link: http://www.hallmark.com/you

    Select the “Your Funny*ness” contest link, once you get there, find the card, entitled “Nuts”, and select it. You will have to register an email address. Once you’ve logged in you can vote. Voting can be done once per day up until the end of August, 2008. Mr. Squirrel would certainly love your vote. There are lots of gourmet nuts in it for him.

    Thank you!

  2. Woowww! Sooo cute!

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