Skwerl’s Squirrels, and Axl Rose. Huh?

Time Magazine has an interesting article this week on the ever-shifting music business, and how Axl Rose of Guns N Roses has been working on one album for 14 years.

At the center of the article is Skwerl, a big GnR fan who posted some of the long-awaited album tracks online.

Of course, I could care less about all that music stuff. I just wanted to know how he got his name.

“After bottle-nursing an injured squirrel back to health in high school and taking it in as a pet, Skwerl was given some other hurt squirrels by squirrel-loving kids in Philadelphia, and then some squirrels saw his generosity, and he soon had a small squirrel army. And when you have that many squirrel responsibilities on top of school and rocking out to Guns n’ Roses albums, you don’t have time for spell-check.”

Speak, rodent:

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