Is ‘Squished Squirrel Photo’ Real or Fake?

(Note: This post and linked article is not for the faint-of-heart.)

squirrel squished by highway painters

(Click image to see full article and larger photo.)

I know some of my squirrel readers will not find this story from The Tribune in Colorado the least bit funny, and I don’t blame them. Roadkill is sad and gross. Thousands of U.S. highways are to blame for millions, if not billions, of animal deaths. Who hasn’t killed an animal while driving? (I once accidentally killed a bird.)

Still, there’s still something a little funny in this photo (and yes, disturbing ) of a squirrel that’s allegedly been striped over by a highway striping machine.

If the incident actually occurred, however, is up for debate:

Is Squished Squirrel Real?

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