Brilliant or Barmy? Town Plans Road-Bridge to Save Red Squirrels

Beloved red squirrels in the U.K. are in rapid decline, so I guess any effort (within reason) to save them is a good idea. One town in Scotland is planning a large highway overpass specifically for red squirrels and other wildlife. Says the Scotland on Sunday paper:

“A 375ft red squirrel bridge is planned to cross a new dual-carriageway to protect the animal from heavy traffic….Earlier this month, SNP environment minister Michael Russell said the red squirrel was an increasingly rare sight, “but as an iconic species we must do everything we can to protect them”.

But, not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. In fact, someone thinks it’s downright “barmy.” (?)

Henry Irvine-Fortescue, the 16th generation of his family to own the estate, said the idea was “barmy”. “The planting cover is also going to have to be very good or the squirrels will be exposed to predators. It will be like delivering them on a plate to passing buzzards. Also I’m not quite sure how you get them to use it. Will there be a sign saying ‘squirrels this way?’

Read the full article here: 300ft bridge to save Tufty Club

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