Cool Stripes: Indian Palm Squirrel

(Indian Palm Squirrel, originally uploaded by kaushik_p28.)

Love these stripes! These little squirrels live in India and Sri Lanka.

According to Wikipedia, there is a Hindu legend associated with their stripes: After carrying sand to help build a bridge, a little squirrel was stroked by the deity Lord Rama, leaving behind these finger-strokes down his back.

3 thoughts on “Cool Stripes: Indian Palm Squirrel

  1. yes this squirrel is quiet common in my locality, it is amazing to watch ther acrobats n energy, squirrels simply rock !!!!

  2. A female squirrel gnawed her way through the mosquito netting on the window and got into a box of woolens in the loft…found a nice soft blue sweater and chewed it up to make a cozy nest…we found four squirrel babies, sightless, with short tails…the mother scampered away…they were taken home by Anbu, our general handyman, who fed them milk out of a tiny bottle..till they could fend for themselves.

  3. I am just mad about them. Having 4 squirrels playing in our backyard. Have been feeding them ground nuts and bananas regularly. Quiet shy creatures.

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