Squeamish Squirrel Lovers: Don’t Read This

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the U.K. is embroiled in a big squirrel controversy. The native red squirrels are being squeezed out by the grey squirrels, which were imported from the U.S.

There has been all sorts of suggested solutions to keep red squirrels from dying out, but this latest one is really taking it pretty far: A butcher is selling grey squirrel meat for about $6.82 a squirrel. Turns out people feel more ethical when eating grey squirrels, and it’s becoming quite popular.

“”I wasn’t sure at first and wondered how many people would really eat it. Now I take every squirrel I can get my hands on,” said David Ridley, who runs Ridley’s Fish and Game shop in Corbridge, Northumberland.  “I’ve had days when I’ve managed to get 60 of them and they sell straight away. Squirrel meat is moist and sweet because it’s diet has been berries and nuts.”

The meat, which is said to taste like a cross between lamb and duck, is also low in fat.

Read the full article, here: Big Demand for Squirrel Meat

5 thoughts on “Squeamish Squirrel Lovers: Don’t Read This

  1. […] are bland (power outages due to squirrels, mostly), some are great (the ongoing debate about red squirrels versus grey squirrels in the U.K.) and some are just plain bat-sh*t […]

  2. omg the thing where ppl eat squirrles that is so sad. i would never. i eat meat but i would never eat a cute squirrel. my mom and me feed the squirrels at her work.

  3. What an ingenious way to deal with the bulging grey squirrel population!!! Here in the scottish Highlands we are lucky enough to have some of the few remaining strongholds of the red squirrel, a species which is native to this country and a species which us under threat by the spread of Grey Squirrels. I think that killing and selling the grey squirrels for eating is a great way to deal with them; as the article above says the meat is moist but also very lean, as those squirrels are really active creatures. I can imagine some would hate the idea of eating a cute squirrel but surely they would also hate the idea of the equally if not more cute Red Squirrel is being wiped out by the greys.

    Eating the Squirrels means there is not waste, why cull a healthy animal and not eat it, its pefectly edible and apparently delicious meat!.


  4. You people are insane. I live in Canada, where black, grey, beige AND red squirrels co-exist without threat of extinction – unless, of course, you savages that eat squirrels emigrate to Canada. By the way – we don’t want you.

  5. In the U.S. there are a lot of people who squirrel hunt. My grandfather was one of those people and I have had squirrel meat, and I must say I liked it. I thought it tasted a lot like beef steak, very lean and very small lol. I have never tasted lamb or duck so I can’t compare the taste. Plus it has been a very long time since I have had it. Although I am a squirrel lover I understand the problem they are causing in the UK. I think hunting them for food is a great option. People hunt rabbit, doves (in the us, its the bird of peace!), and all sort of sweet and furry things…. squirrels are no different.

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