3 thoughts on “Another Innovative Squirrel Raids the Bird Feeder

  1. This is actually a squirrel feeder. Works rather well.

  2. Woops! I’ve actually never seen a squirrel feeder!

  3. Hi, you were kind enough to use one of my photos from Flickr (Flying Squirrel On A Cloudy Day) and 11 people visited to look through my collection – Thank you!
    I was just going to point out that this was a squirrel feeder but I see I was beaten to it! This one is an American design and I’ve been trying to track one down in the UK on eBay but without success – and the cost of postage from the US is just a little too high….:-(
    If you want to see squirrels raiding bird feeders (and using squirrel feeders) go back to my Flickr page and check out my squirrel set.
    There are a couple of rats in my garden and they’ve been watching the squirrels and learning their ways – try my EEK! A RAT! set (quite amusing, honest!)

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