Travel Article: Five “White Squirrel” Towns

Travelogue: Which town is the true Home of the White Squirrels? details five different cities in the U.S. and Canada that claim to be home of white squirrels, a type of squirrel genetically similar to the grey squirrel but more adapted for snowy environs (when the snow melts, predators have an east time finding them, perhaps explaining their rarity). Less common than their other pretty genetic sibling, the black squirrel, white squirrels have quite a fan base.

As the article points out, it may be impossible to prove, but it certainly would be fun to visit and see for yourself, right?

A quick list of the cities (for more, read the article):

  • Olney, Illinois
  • Marionville, Missouri
  • Brevard, N.C.
  • Exeter, Ontario
  • Kenton, Tennessee

Speak, rodent:

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