Foamy the Squirrel: Awesome Pissed Off Animated Squirrel

Foamy the Squirrel

I got a nice shout-out at Ill Will Press this week, and not knowing what/who that was, I looked ’em up. Turns out it’s a pretty damn popular animated squirrel cartoon (I hate it when I fail to know something squirrel-based, even if it’s a cartoon) based around the happenings of Foamy the Squirrel (an angry but funny squirrel who hates “everything that moves”) and Germaine, a frustrated goth-girl poet.

Foamy and Germaine are popular enough to have their own Wikipedia page, and many fan sites. And Foamy is a great character. If there’s one thing I can relate to, it’s a pissed off squirrel.

So it’s an honor to have my blog deemed “awesome” by their creator.

Speak, rodent:

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