UW Squirrel Problem Explained

It’s so fun reading college newspapers for this blog. Not only do staff writers spend a lot of time writing about squirrels, they make many benign beginner’s journalist mistakes that bring me back to my college newspapering years.

For example, in this rather ordinary article on squirrels burrowing into the attics of dorms on the University of Washington campus, there are two photos. Both of them of squirrels.

But when you read the photo caption — which should identify the person or thing in the photo — you start to see why they might be having such a squirrel problem.

A screenshot:

squirrel caption

Well, perhaps if your facilities manager wasn’t a squirrel…you’d have fewer invading campus?

3 thoughts on “UW Squirrel Problem Explained

  1. Pictures that don’t match the captions always make for a good laugh. By the way, has UW tried any squirrel deterrent methods? There are effective commercial products around that don’t hurt the animals or the environment. You’d think even a facility manager who is a squirrel wouldn’t object to that.

  2. naw, see…it takes a squirrel to catch a squirrel. Dennis Fields, by morphing himself into a squirrel, is attempting to do just that. He is a diabolical genius.

  3. Ha! That made me snort.

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