Squirrel Causes Mild Mayhem in Charleston, S.C.

First it was Fort Worth. Now it’s Charleston, S.C. This time, the squirrel got the traffic lights to go awry. Thankfully, though, the water supply is safe — unlike poor Forth Worth’s.

“A squirrel was responsible for unplugging the South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. clients for about a half-hour, as well as playing havoc with traffic lights.

..The doomed animal sneaked into a substation near where St. Andrews Boulevard becomes Old Towne Road. During its ill-fated journey at about 7:30 a.m., it made contact with two high-voltage points.

..Around here, the past couple of months have been squirrel season. In January, the creatures caused 210 outages, …and February figures were expected to be about the same. That means squirrels caused more mischief than trees or other animals.”

2 thoughts on “Squirrel Causes Mild Mayhem in Charleston, S.C.

  1. Observation (by yours truly) is that squirrels like things that hum…
    In my case an air conditioner attracted one onto my second floor windowsill. It was trying to get into the aircon’s vent but the heat was keeping it back and on another occasion a faulty fan where I worked was making a low thrumming noise and a squirrel was nosing round a nearby air vent. There’s nothing at either location otherwise attractive to squirrels.
    Recently, while filling a squirrel feeder I heard a very low hum, just audible. I thought it was a bee or something but, sitting on a nearby post, was a squirrel and the noise was coming from him! His lower jaw was quivering and when it stopped, so did that hum.
    This maybe a form of squirrel communication unobserved until now (if it is, I hereby claim the credit!) and would explain squirrel “attacks” on transformers and substations ( and airconditioners and dodgy fans) – they’re simply trying to reach another of their kind.

  2. Ah, excellent observation.

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