Mutant Ninja Squirrels ‘Attack’ WU Students

I recently posted about a college student in Indiana who finds great pleasure and solace in watching squirrels.

Today I bring you the opposite: Four narratives from Washington University (in St. Louis) students who had awkward encounters with squirrels. The students show no mercy, calling them “fat rodents,” “pretty disgusting,” saying they ” have rabies,” and even resulted in “the most embarrassing moment of my life” for one young lady.

One student (not the embarrassed one)  had a squirrel land on her face as she was touring campus as a high school senior. Now that’s embarrassing. I totally understand that. The other young lady merely ended up sounding like she has been overly sheltered thus far.

But I’ll let you be the judge now: Here’s the story.

Speak, rodent:

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