Squirrels Make Him Smile

Eli Van Sickel, a staff writer for the Indiana Statesmen, muses today about the wonderment of squirrels. Sickel says he likes to remind people to slow down and enjoy life. That’s probably a great message for college students today. I didn’t do it enough when I was in college, and that was before iPods and Flickr ended up wasting so much of my time.

But why ponder squirrels? Van Sickel says:

“I am always initially surprised to find a squirrel crossing my path, but then I look at the squirrel scuttering around and I have to smile. I can’t help it. Looking at that squirrel just makes me smile.

It’s just another one of nature’s creations….We forget about this most of the time. We forget that, below our petty differences or trivial problems, we are all products of nature. We can easily share a moment like this with our fellow human beings if we just stand back for a minute and let it happen.”

2 thoughts on “Squirrels Make Him Smile

  1. A fabulous moment in time, well-captured. I’m glad there are people out there who do draw inspiration from these fabulous animals who might never be given a second thought otherwise.

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