Furry Bastards: What Dave Barry Calls Squirrels

For a while now, Dave Barry has been following the antics of squirrels on his blog. He labels them something like SQUIRREL TERRORISM UPDATES.

Most recently, he links to a news story about some very dumb squirrels in Wisconsin, who, instead of hibernating, are ruining the Christmas cheer for the poor residents of Milwaukee, who, by god, deserve a little illumination this time of year. What are the squirrels doing? Yep, making a meal out of the lights. And then zapping themselves silly. (Chewing through the rubber to get to the electrical charge — no makey sense. Why do squirrels do dumb shit like this?)

Although fersure squirrels can be a pesky menace, when you read the original story, it becomes apparent why the town is struggling with the squirrels:

“The deer repellent didn’t work on squirrels,” said worker Dave McKeithan.

Speak, rodent:

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