Professor Embraces Squirrels on Campus

Most of the articles I read about squirrels on college campuses are negative — students annoyed by the squirrels, or squirrels causing power outages, etc.

In this refreshing break from that trend, Boise State University’s Arbiter, a student newspaper, has published a nice profile of “Squirrel Whisperer” professor Marty Most.

Even if you don’t read the story, you MUST check out the photo. Is that not, like, an enormous squirrel in the window?  I am wondering if it’s been a little retouched?

(Also, for people with journalism degrees, you’ll enjoy the wandering style/voice of this piece — starts off in a traditional news style, then suddenly veers off into a strange op-ed voice. It reminds me of my college newspaper days…..

 “While the Boise State squirrels may not be as legendary or as big a part of our heritage as the football team, they hold an important part of the character and charm of our campus.

They are here to stay, and it’s our job to tell the story, to continue a tradition of sorts, or maybe just keep a lighthearted myth surrounding the Communication Building alive.” )

Speak, rodent:

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