Bowhunter, Mistaken for Squirrel, Is Shot

When I first read this headline, I did a double take. But it’s true:

“Neng Xiong was wandering around the Bayport Wildlife Management Area off Stagecoach Trail with his 20-gauge Beretta shotgun one afternoon last month when he saw some “small gray stuff” moving along the ground in the woods.

It looked like a squirrel, he told police. So he shot it.

But that “squirrel,” prosecutors say, was Woodbury bowhunter Jared Nestrud. He’d been on the ground, under some branches wearing camouflage.”

Thankfully, Nestrud is OK. Read more of the details at

2 thoughts on “Bowhunter, Mistaken for Squirrel, Is Shot

  1. WOW this just goes to show hunters get a case of “buck fever” even if it’s after a squirrel!

    I’m going to school in Kent Ohio where black squirrels reign! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Make sure if your having to be in the sun rays to get Polarized Tinted sunglasses… Tints are crap and don’t stop the sun… Plus they look amazing in the pictures and no squits or closed eyes!!! We ordered ours at cheap as {dirt|heck| but great quality…

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