Video: Squirrel Sneaking thru Doggy Door

For a few weeks now, a Denver TV meteorologist would come home to find that something was invading her house, and eating her tortilla chips.

“A few times, my husband and I came home from vacation and found some small things out of place — scraps of food on the kitchen counter, a broken wine glass on the ground, a ripped tortilla bag on the floor.”

Then on Tuesday, I was sitting with my dogs on the sofa, watching TV when I saw the squirrel sneak in through the doggy door and snipe some food….On Thursday morning we set up a squirrel sting and caught the little guy on camera. He’s smart and pokes his head in and out of the door a few times to make sure the coast is clear.”

You can see the amusing video of the sneaky squirrel heading through the doggy door here.

One thought on “Video: Squirrel Sneaking thru Doggy Door

  1. Clever critter – and now of course, caught on camera for all of the Denver area (and the rest of the Web-watching world) to see!
    It sounds at least like this meteorologist is being hospitable. That’s a great example, I think, to show the world. That there’s no harm being done and so, no need to do anything except film the squirrel…and enjoy!!

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