Animal House: Squirrels Love Colleges

I read a lot of news about squirrels, and along with horrible power line incidents, I’ve noticed a pattern about squirrels: they love college campuses.

I’m guessing this is because most colleges have a lot of trees, a lot of docile students and a plethora of trash.

At Northwestern University, squirrels have lost all fear of humans, and some students perceive this as aggressive, according to the The Daily Northwestern. However, a biology professor decided to haver her students investigate if NU squirrels were more aggressive than other squirrels. (There’s nothing like proximity and quantity to assist with a field study.) Her thoughts:
“They did a very careful study of watching sidewalks on campus, looking for squirrel-on-human aggression,” she said. “After 10 hours over two weeks, they found no examples of that, although there was some evidence of human-on-squirrel aggression.”

The friendly squirrels are probably just accustomed to years of handouts from sympathetic students. As Gregg Bassett, president of the International Squirrel Lover’s Club, said:

Squirrels are pretty quick to catch on,” he said. “It gets to where squirrels look at humans as walking vending machines, vending machines that they don’t have to put any money in.”

Speak, rodent:

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