Squirrels May Be Nuts, But We’re More Nuts – Really

The web site Green Options recently ran an entertaining blog post pointing out “15 Reasons Why Squirrels (And Other Animals) Must Think We’re Nuts.”

It probably wasn’t hard to come up with these 15, which included:

– We drink the lactation of other animals.
– We keep animals in our homes who would normally eat us for lunch.
– We heat our food before eating it.

The blog also found a squirrel who gave comments about these reasons, such as, when it comes to having carnivorous pets, “Are you nuts!?! This is a touchy subject for me. Cats and dogs hunt my buddies and me. In some places, pet cats are even threatening endemic native species. If you have pets, make sure they are spayed or neutered. I don’t want a whole litter of whiskers and claws chasing my tail.”

Speak, rodent:

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