Abert’s Squirrel Causes Bear-Size Commotion

(Squirrel – Bandelier National Monument – New Mexico – 28 January 2002, originally uploaded by goatlockerguns.)

This is an Abert’s Squirrel, common in the Rocky Mountains. I love the ears — aren’t they great?

However, one homeowner in Colorado doesn’t find them so amusing. According to the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper, he called animal control to report that an “Abert’s” was terrorizing his house.

Now, there’s no doubt that squirrels can cause lots of damage to homes, but the officers, upon hearing “Abert’s,” assumed the animal was “a bear” and promptly called the homeowner back for more info. That’s when it became apparent that the man was under no immediate threat, since even the biggest Abert’s is still far from menacing to life and limb.

But I could see why they were quick to act — as the article states “A woman in Aspen reported being slashed in the face by a bear while inside her condo early Wednesday.”

Luckily, both bears and squirrels should go into hibernation soon.

3 thoughts on “Abert’s Squirrel Causes Bear-Size Commotion

  1. But Abert’s Squirrels do not hiberate! I ran the bookstore at Bandelier for 3 years, and they are out all winter. They are really great!

  2. Thanks! I didn’t realize they were active all winter. And to work at Bandelier? That must be one of the prettiest bookstore locations in the U.S. I went to college at NMSU but don’t remember seeing too many Abert’s, unless we went up in the mountains.

  3. They only live where there are ponderosas, as they get their food and live in them as well. So you can only see them between around 5500 feet and around 7500 feet above sea level. I grew up in Gallup, and they were all over the mountains up there. They were our most commented upon animal at Bandelier. And yes, Bandelier is one of the most beautiful places in the world to work.

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