Got Squirrel Tails Lying Around? Turn ‘Em Into Lures

Fluffy Tails

(Photo credit: Mama Victory)

Way up in Wisconsin, fisherman use lures that look like squirrel tails. Good god, you ask — what could they possibly be trying to catch with something the size of a squirrel?

This, a muskelunge, a giant fish that haunts Wisconsin lakes. It’s prone to launching out of the water to catch helpless squirrels hanging out on tree branches.

But, if you’ve found that your fake squirrel tail lures failed to catch any decent muskies, you can now buy your very own real squirrel tail lure! Or, if you find yourself with a lot of squirrel carcasses and no place to put the tails, you can sell them to the fishing company, too. (They also appear to turn them into smaller lures for catching smaller, more edible fish. Muskies are fun to catch, but not fun to eat.)

Please note that it’s (inexplicably?) illegal to sell squirrel in Texas and a few other states. Durn!

Thanks Fishing!

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