Squirrel Recipe: Brunswick Stew Made With Squirrels

Right now, the internet is chock-full of news stories about the start of squirrel hunting season, with plenty of outdoor writers either waxing nostalgic about hunting for squirrels as children, or lamenting the decline of the popularity of squirrel hunting. And, there’s also no shortage of news stories on deadly squirrel hunting accidents, like this man who died while hunting in California or this teen in Kentucky.

But few of the stories I have read give you any information on what you should do with the squirrel once you’ve killed it and cleaned it.

Until today! This news article from the Detroit Free Press, entitled ‘Why Hunt Squirrels?” includes a recipe for Brunswick Stew.  I don’t want to rip off the Free Press by running the recipe here, but here’s a partial ingredients list, if you’re curious:

• Four squirrels, skinned and cut up.

• One cup of creamed corn.
• Three pounds of peeled and diced new potatoes.

Also, this article has quite a few variation of the stew, which also can be made with pork, chicken, rabbit (or, I guess, any protein source.)

One thought on “Squirrel Recipe: Brunswick Stew Made With Squirrels

  1. i have found over the years that the greys are better for this type of a meal . less gamey and more tender

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