Photos – Squirrels of All Colors – Black, Red and White Squirrels

When I first moved to New York from Texas, I was shocked to learn that squirrels aren’t just grey!

There’s white squirrels:

(White squirrel, originally uploaded by shuttermo.)

 And black squirrels…

(BLACK SQUIRREL!, originally uploaded by Hannah Bae.)

And, red squirrels!

(Red Squirrel, originally uploaded by Bob Marshall 1.)


7 thoughts on “Photos – Squirrels of All Colors – Black, Red and White Squirrels

  1. […] the White Squirrels? details five different cities in the U.S. and Canada that claim to be home of white squirrels, a type of squirrels genetically similar to the grey squirrels but more adapted for snowy environs. […]

  2. what are you taking about?
    that was not a white squel

  3. Hmm, no, you’re right: It was not a squel. Thanks for noticing.

  4. Ok, I have been named the squirrel lady. I am on my 4th rescued squirrel. Friends and relatives find them on the ground and call me! Yes I do enjoy them and feel upon each release.

    I have had the cat squirrel and flying squirrels. But today! I have a black squirrel. He is huge too. Approx. age is 4-6 weeks.
    I have never seen a squirrel this size. My cat squirrels were not this large when I released them after 13-14 weeks.

    Does anyone know anything about this large black squirrel?

  5. I just saw a striped black and white squirrel in Iowa yesterday. And no, it WASN’T a skunk, it was broad daylight climbing up a tree in a busy park, and it was striped in an odd manner, not striping like a skunk, PLUS, I just know what squirrels look like and what skunks look like.

  6. debbie de la cruz

    I am wrong. Abert’s live in coniferous pines which are probably in short supply in Iowa. Sorry.

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