Squirrel Stories: SQUIRREL IN DA HOLE!

Baby Squirrel, originally uploaded by K. Rattray.

Cute photo, huh? Thanks K. Rattray!

Anyway, here’s a squirrel story about how squirrels can serve as a distraction from the boring office life:

From Suzanne, of St. Paul, Minn:

“When I worked [exact location redacted] with my friend Rachel, we used to send many emails back and forth during the day tracking the progress of the squirrels that lived in the building across the street. We sent emails with the subject “SQUIRREL IN DA HOLE!” to let the other one know when one was popping its head out of the little hole in the roof that was used as their homebase.

We also once witnessed a baby squirrel FALL from the roof. Our gasps and “Omigod!” gave away our secret love of the squirrels across the street. I also once posted something on craigslist called “An Ode to my friend, the Squirrel.” I don’t think I ever saved a copy of it but…wow, does that make me a little creepy?”

Speak, rodent:

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