Difficult Choices: Squirrels on the Pill, or Squirrels in Your Casserole

Squirrel Nutkin

This headline, from U.K. Daily Mail, will not exactly improve the public image of bad British food:

Squirrels on the pill? Put the pests in a casserole!

Sadly, grey squirrels are prolifically proliferating across Great Britain, leading to a host of problems, including, says this columnist, the decimation of “our indigenous red squirrel – the original Squirrel Nutkin (shown above), which is far prettier and much less aggressive than the grey.”

One solution is birth control. This columnist’s other idea is to eat them. Although I have given up vegetarianism, I still can’t stomach the idea of eating squirrel meat, even if it’s baked into a casserole. But I understand his fretting — it’s not good to have an introduced species wiping out other squirrel species and other flora/fauna.

The columnist insists “the meat tastes like a cross between chicken and rabbit…”

Only in the U.K. would they make a taste comparison to rabbit. Another creature I’ve never eaten, and don’t plan to.

Speak, rodent:

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