Flying Squirrels Added to Endangered List in Pennsylvania

(northern flying squirrel, originally uploaded by deerluvr.)

The Northern Flying Squirrel, once found all across the Northern U.S. and Canada, is disappearing, particularly in Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Game Commission announced they were adding the flying furball to their endangered species list. The reasons for their decline? A loss of forest, especially hemlock trees, and a parasite found by southern flying squirrels that, for some reason, hits the northern species harder.

I’ve never seen a flying squirrel — I didn’t even realize we had them in the U.S.! They sound really cool.

Click here to see what these guys look like as they fly from tree to tree.

7 thoughts on “Flying Squirrels Added to Endangered List in Pennsylvania

  1. connie williams

    I typed flying squirrel valentine into google and got your website. I am really interested in a valentine card involving a flying squirrel. On the google description it gave me your web page for flying squirrel valentines. How do I find them on your web site???

    Thanks for any help

  2. Hi there – this web site has some greeting cards (and other fun things) with squirrels:

  3. I am so sad to hear that flying squirrels are on the endangered list, but happy to announce that we have a little guy that comes around our house to munch!! We refer to him as Roo!!

  4. Hi There Laura,

    I was woken up this morning with a loud bang coming from downstairs inside my house. When we ran downstairs we noticed our 4 cats trying to get to a small critter jumping around the walls and the open plan stairs leading all the way up the third floor. Though I wasn’t sure what this little creature was, I was amazed at the way it moved and how gentle it was. I eventually managed to get all of my cats locked into a room and opened the front door hoping it would just leave on it’s own. It did!! As soon as I got to work I did some research and found out that I indeed had an endangered squirrel in my house and I feel truly blessed! I did manage to snap a few pictures and they will be available as soon as I get them uploaded.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I thought you would find mine interesting too đŸ™‚

    Take care,
    Lynae Roos

  5. I just went out to get wood in my garage and found a flying squirrel (here in Pa.)

    Cute little fellow. Caught him out of the corner of my eye and stared at him for 3 minutes. At first I thought I had a rat out there. He was up in the rafters on the sill plate.

    What a cool little animal. I didn’t know there were any around here, and then when I found it they are on the Endangered species list I felt even more blessed. He likes the rabbit food and chicken feed, btw.

  6. I Live in PA and we just saw a flying squirrell in our tree outside of our house we got a couple pics. of it and it is adorable

  7. Please note that it is the NORTHERN Flying Squirrels which is endangered in Pennsylvania. It is very rare and therefore rarely seen. Most of the flyers in PA (as well as Eastern Canada and the entire Eastern US) are the SOUTHERN Flying Squirrel, which are much more common, not endangered, and often kept as pets.

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