Squirrel Hero: Robert W. Gilcrease of Alaska

(Calendar6.jpg, originally uploaded by rgilcreasedatabrokers.)

In my squirrel research for this new blog, I came across a man named Robert who operates a squirrel cam in Alaska, and keeps a blog of the cam’s highlights.

Now, you might ask: Why the need for a squirrel cam? Well, this is no ordinary cam — it’s a red squirrel cam. Even more so than their gray relatives, red squirrels are nutty, smart, cantankerous and hilarious.

And they are also somewhat threatened in different parts of the world, primarily because the gray squirrel has taken over its territory.

If you’ve ever gotten to know a red squirrel — and I did this summer at my in-law’s Wisconsin cabin — you know they are special little critters, and even more entertaining than gray squirrels.

Robert has an extensive and, dare I say, breathtaking collection of red squirrel photos on his blog, web cam site and Flickr photo account: from which this photo is taken from.

Robert’s Webby stuff:

(I also noticed in one of this blog posts that he’s originally from South Texas. Hurrah!)

One thought on “Squirrel Hero: Robert W. Gilcrease of Alaska

  1. I had a flashback of the deer and sqs under Bob’s (Alaskan Sq Cam) covered feeding station. Last I heard Bob had sold the place, bought a Winnebago and was touring the States, at the time they were in Texas . Hope he’s well!!
    Jackie in Tampa

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