Squirrel Attacks: Central Florida University

They say everything’s a little crazier in Florida. Even the squirrels, too, reports The Future, the student newspaper for Central Florida University. There, across campus, squirrels have been launching an out-all siege against the student population for many years.

This year, though, things seem to be reaching a boiling point. At the center of this battle is poor UCF junior Tiffany Morley.

First, earlier this summer, as she was trying to eat a slice of banana bread outdoors, a squirrel “jumped toward the bread with mouth wide open and sharp teeth shining, biting Morley’s pinky instead of the tasty target.”

After thinking she had adequately shooed away the squirrel, she “sat back down at the picnic table, secure in the belief that her attacker had scampered off to harass someone else. Moments later, she felt a tug on her pony tail. The squirrel had re-approached from behind and had scaled the back of Morley’s chair where it proceeded to yank on her hair.”

At that point, Morley knew it was time to lift the white flag, and left for class.

One thought on “Squirrel Attacks: Central Florida University

  1. Yikes!!!

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