Why A Blog About Squirrels? Why Not?

I’m a big animal lover, but even I know that animals, like humans, can certainly be annoying. The first time I realized just how insane squirrels are is when we planted our roof garden in Harlem. Try as we might, my husband and I could not figure out why our cilantro seemed to grow a few inches, and then suddenly disappear. And for some reason, peanut shells started showing up, too, scattered across the roof. What the? Was there a cilantro-loving, peanut-shell-leaving thief amok Harlem’s roof top gardens?

Yes, in a way. Soon, I caught the culprit when I was enjoying some roof-top sunshine. It was a common gray squirrel, which had a nest in an abandoned air conditioning window unit. I watched it one day, taking an elaborate path, crisscrossing and jumping across various apartment roofs — just to get to my precious garden and devour all our baby greens and herbs.

It was then that my complex relationship with squirrels started. And why I’ve now brought this blog to you — to document that complicated man/squirrel relationship.

Speak, rodent:

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