Finally, an excuse to mention Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Ann...

Paul Rudd at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not sure why this is news, or even in existence on the web.

But, in the interest of keeping my readers informed, especially my lady friends, here’s an awkward squirrel encounter by actor/Jayhawk heartthrob Paul Rudd:

He just pulled out a flattened squirrel,” Rudd said, of his buddy finding a dead squirrel in his couch.

Oh no! Large fluffy fox squirrel threatened by sea level rise

I work for an environmental non-profit, and I know all too well the hazards of escalating carbon emissions and the resulting climate change.

English: 1993-2010 sea level trends(mm/year). ...

Sea level rise: you’re awful. This is data for 1993-2010 sea level trends (mm/year).

Extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy. Ocean acidification wreaking our coral reefs. A shrinking polar ice sheet. Rising sea levels consuming coastlines. Lots of sweat at inappropriate times.

But I had no idea any squirrels were under threat, too. Precisely, the totally adorable yet oddly named Delmarva Fox Squirrel. Already endangered — thanks to its range that overlaps with some of the most populated areas on the planet (the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard) — this poor sub-species of the American Fox Squirrel doesn’t have the best long-range prognosis for survival.

Yes, it does look a lot like other squirrels. Not at all fox-like, except for the tail, perhaps.

The Delmarva Fox Squirrel. Yes, it does look a lot like other squirrels. Not at all fox-like, except for the tail, perhaps?

Delmarva Fox Squirrel (Chincoteague NWR)

Seek higher ground, squirrel friend. (Chincoteague NWR) (Photo credit: stinkenroboter)

Sigh. Well, anyway, here’s the details:
Delmarva animal among most threatened by sea-level rise, group says

All I want for Christmas is 11…red squirrels…a leaping?

See tons more photos on the Daily Mail web site.

See tons more photos on the Daily Mail web site.

Or, even just this one fantastic little guy, dubbed “Ginger Ninja” who can jump great distances. He’s featured in the U.K. Daily Mail. 

If a human could jump the equivalent distance (for our body size), it would be like leaping over a semi truck — from front to back. A useful skill indeed, but we humans are doing pretty good these days, compared to a lot of other wildlife, so we’re satisfied with just admiring the far cuter red squirrel a leaping.


‘I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It’

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry during Warped Tou...

She may be cute but she's no Miss Piggy! Image via Wikipedia

We here at Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels are huge Muppets fans  (we heartily endorse The Henson Experience at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, btw), and so we got a kick out of reading this Cinema Blend post on a suggested scene in the latest Muppets movie, in which Miss Piggy spoofs Katy Perry. It didn’t make the cut, sadly:

The premise? Director Nicholas Stoller explains: “Miss Piggy singing “I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It,” while a procession of squirrels lines up to lock lips with her. Stoler explained that “more and more squirrels are lining up to kiss her, and she’s getting weirded out.” If parodying “I Kissed a Girl” was too risque, they could always have gone with “California Squrrls.” “